Thursday, September 6, 2012

All my fears have risen to the top today!

today i woke up thinking 'who do i think i am?  how dare i think that i can pull off this kickstarter project..helping other artists with creative blocks...really?'...'who do i think i am?  teaching a secret compartment book class on saturday?'  'who do i think i am?  having an art opening in downtown benicia on saturday?  really?  who do i think i am?'
fears, fears, fears, FEARS!
i can do this....right??
blah!  i need to do some meditating and get another attitude for today!
in the meantime i have a fun date with my to a bookstore and lunch today...woo hoo!  
is she cute or what?  todays guerilla art just waiting to be placed in some unauthorized public location!

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