Saturday, September 8, 2012

phew...i am so glad my attitude is better today!

my secret compartment book class starts at ten today....i have room at my dining room table for four students...two students signed up....good enough, right?  so i have not heard from one of the students...hmmmm....last night found out that she has gone out of town for ten days...what?   hmmmm again...i have breakfast and lunch made for two students and now i am down to one student?  oh dirty word!  baby steps, right?  baby steps!  rome was not built in a i will give the best possible class for my one amazing student and i will get to make a secret compartment book as there is the silver lining!
then an amazing art show opening tonight...i am most excited about that...AND...Arts Benicia finally got my upcoming class information online for sign ups...yippeee!!!
so life has little what!  i am going to drink some bubbly water and enjoy the ride!
much appreciation to all that read my blog....i am not regular, i am not a good blogger, but i do appreciate your time...
have an amazing weekend!

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