Monday, October 8, 2012

3 little houses!

i  got the 3 little houses done and they are adorable...the little one still needs a roof....i will use the insulator cardboard from a to-go coffee cup, but i do not have one laying around...which is weird...hmmmm...usually have one of those!  anyway...the big roof is corrugated cardboard, the little guy has a roof of
the weekend was spent with a sick husband and i found his energy disruptive....not in a mean way...just that i was aware that he might need i really was not focused.  then i have been dog sitting for one of my 'grand-dogs'...bliss is a beautiful-large-white dog that is just today settling i my energy has been disrupted by her presence too...we had some fireworks go off in the neighborhood on saturday night....poor bliss!!! 
i did manage to have someone watch her so that i could do a little grocery shopping yesterday...thank goodness!
so today...back on track!  i was able to finish the houses and start gathering supplies for the friday night teen art classes and that feels great!
i have a car full of sheets, towels, etc that need to be with a friend later today....and other than that?  hmmmm...straighten the studio?  oh perhaps!
have a marvelous monday!!


  1. I just came by after a breakfast coffee at the Voodoo Cafe, and have been trawling back through your blog - I love the variety of what you make! I especially like the little houses . . . but why the beeswax? And do you really dip them as opposed to painting it on? I'm mystified.

  2. i love beeswax and how it feels and looks...romantic and eerie if that makes sense...and i do not really dip them...i paint the hot wax on and then use a hot gun to get any off that is too thick...i love the way it clings to the vintage buttons a lace...
    thanks for stopping by...and i love voodoo cafe don't you?
    have a great day wendy!


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