Sunday, October 14, 2012

waiting to be stuffed!

these 3 little angels have been on hold for several days while i have been out playing myself into a frenzy!  as you know i teach mixed media on thursday nights and i have just started teaching (playing with) some teens in the walnut creek area...we are making secret compartment books...all this fun/teaching really keeps my on my toes...i am sooo ready for a day off....but not today!  i have a friend coming over and yes...we are going to play...with chalk paint...i think...i know she is going to be bringing over some fun pigments from france so who cares...right?!  i do not know what i am going to be doing and that is fun and exciting!
it has been brought to my attention that a few people are interested in taking an 'art doll' class from me...what?  i am READY!
Sunday, November 18th i will be holding an art doll workshop from 10-3.  the cost is $75 and includes a delicious breakfast and some bubbly something to quench our thirsts! (bubbles always make a party!)  the class is limited so sign up quick!
this weekend i also started the 'Artist's Way' 12 week program with a yummy group of women...i am excited to see what will unfold as we gather for a cappuccino and good self examination on a weekly basis...
have a divine sunday...and play play play!


  1. It was a lovely group yesterday, I look forward to what unfolds. Thank you for making this possible. Love to you Lorrie

    1. the group is delicious indeed....looking forward to next saturday but i have to have a medium decaf this time! ha ha! i could not even go to bed and sleep that night...tee hee!

  2. Oh darn, Lorrie, again I say, "Wish I lived close by!!" LOL You're having just too much fun!! Loving your work and as always, love your love of're truly inspirational.


    1. georgina-me too you....we could play and play and play!!!

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