Friday, October 5, 2012

just making faces!

here are a few of the new faces...loving them!  i am going to create dolls and i am going to try finger puppets that sounds fun!
we played with shrinky dinks last night in class....they were screams of disaster as the shrinkies curled up and squeals of delight as the buttons took on their amazing new forms...what a treat my class is!  i have more fun than they far...
darling husband has been sick for two days...blah....i am going to shower...wash these dreads of mine and play!
have a marvelous friday!

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  1. Yes, the shrinks dinks were fun...funny, even after I successfully made a button - each button after that was just as scary - watching the edges curl up on themselves knowing your going to end up with a misshaped bead, not a button....inhale. But surprise, every time a perfect tiny button. Could I research all these fun new techniques myself and teach myself? Probably. Would I find the time? Probably not. I have researched a few small techniques here and there and I am amazed at the time it takes to learn a new technique. I am so gratefull for you Lori Marie as a friend and as a patient, fearless teacher.


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