Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Little Witch is perfect for Halloween!

Now I know what has been missing with the bonding that I am doing with my new Art Dolls!  I have not been naming them....naming them is one of the best parts, along with making the faces...and the little clothes, the stuffing part?  darling husband...thank you!
So from now on I am going to have even more fun!
This is the newest batch...if I can figure out how to post a picture and then place the name under the photo I am going to do that!
So...darling husband is still under the weather...arg...and I am dosing up on AirBorne!
Got the house swept and my artwork is now picked up from Shirocco's here in town and some of the 'small art' has been accepted into a gallery in San Francisco...more details to be announced...
have a juicy Saturday!!!
                                                              Little Witchy Juanita


  1. Alastair - what a perfect name for a pup. Adorable...

  2. these are so precious. you are exceptional talented..lana cano kloch


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