Saturday, October 20, 2012

second class with the teens

i cannot think of a better way to spend a friday evening than with a group of art hungry teens...six in attendance...right on time...we did some writing and some drawing to warm and 'land' in class...the writing assignment was to write down 5 cheerleaders we have in their lives, and 5 wet blankets...(people we feel supported by vs. people that rain on our parades) was easy for them to name the cheerleaders and one girl actually said that she surrounds herself with artists and could not even come up with a wet blanket!!  I love that!
then onto some layering techniques on their secret compartment books and then...our time together was had to scrape them out of the room...not quite ready to leave the fun behind as their parents came to the door...'are you coming?' was great!  i am still mulling over a piece that good too can i guide her in a direction that is kind, loving, and helpful...hmmmm....just got my kind, loving, and helpful...that is why she is taking the class....right?
next week we will start working with resin...always a fun adventure!  of course some students (i do not want to call them kids) will work on carving out their books at home...and some will not...that is a bit of a challenge for me because they will come into class on different levels next week...i think i will have the next project ready for those that are bolting ahead...keep them interested i say!  aha!  some resin molds...those are always fun!
here is what we will start working on next week...LOVE RESIN!!
this is the front of my book....i guided them on a more difficult technique than this....this was used more for an example of how to carve out the compartment book...
so she is actually extended past the book with the compartment cavity filled with resin...
a very fun piece...
off to enjoy some girlfriends over cappuccinos and the artist's way...then pull my studio back together..teaching tonights in a row is murder on any kind of studio organization! 
have a great saturday!

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