Monday, October 22, 2012

your 'inner child' art dolls

i have created, hmmmmm, i don't know....about 40 of these art dolls now...i have gotten to know them very well....and the message i am hearing from them loud and clear is that they represent the inner child that has been long forgotten, ignored, put on hold or just plain not acknowledged!  it has been an interesting journey and i am not quite sure where it is going to end up.  they do request names, but the names are their chosen ones, perhaps not the same names that the 'adults' or 'grownups' have...more...i don't know...deep in some way.  i love the eyes...they are so expressive..kind of pensive...waiting...waiting to be heard, comforted and consoled.  
so i hope you enjoy looking at these little inner children...they do delight me!  i have chosen Madisson to hang out with me.  she is afraid of so much and i am comforting her...but mainly...she comforts me!
Princess Penelope

enjoy this rainy day...and honor your inner are worth it!!!

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