Friday, October 19, 2012

we are calling her Madison

after creating Madison and bonding with her for a little while it became very clear that she represents the frightened little girl inside me that does not want to try new things...she thinks new things are scary! i am going to take her with me on a few trips today to show her that life is fun and exciting...NOT scary!  i am feeling much more confident!!!
i stayed up way too late last night having some fun in my studio..i dragged out a bunch of images, papers,  tacks, lace, and THE RESIN! of the new techniques i am going to be 'sharing' with the teens tonight is that will be fun!  i went to bed before the glue was dry...of course...and God took over and raised the image out of the resin a bit....i LOVE it...i would not have done that on my own for sure!
so have a great day...honor your scared inner child today...and whatever it is that is so scary?  do it anyway!!!

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  1. Show Madison your life! (But do not leave her on anyone's car--she's not ready for that!!!)


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