Thursday, October 18, 2012

i took three pictures and only one downloaded! arg!

so darling husband and i finished four dolls last night...i took photos of all of them and for some reason only one downloaded...of course i had already deleted them off my get to see one doll only today....i will reshoot the other three tomorrow but not tonight!  meet Madison....what a smug little girl she is!
a rough day today with my inner critic working over time...then i got a call from the director of the class i am teaching on friday nights....7 teens...and he informed me that one of the parents wants to meet with me tomorrow before class because she feels her daughter is not being challenged in the class...hmmmm...we have met one time and we started our secret compartment books...we have not even dipped into the juicy techniques that i have up my sleeve...arg!  but my inner critic is having a hay day with this one...'see....i told you that you could not teach!  who did you think you were fooling?!"  so what i am telling that little, frightened girl that is inside me is "i am a great teacher and i have so many fun things to teach others...tomorrow's class is going to be fun and informative.  i have many techniques that i am going to share with the class...i am a great teacher!"  so for tonight, i will hold my little girl and let her be afraid...i will calm the waters with my student and her mother, reassuring her that the class will indeed challenge her and teach her some amazing things...i just need more than one class to establish that...hmmmm....oh be quiet you inner are not welcome here!
thanks for letting me share this!


  1. You are an amazing artist. Your sharing joyful knowledgeable spirit is a true gift to others.
    An aside (not trying to be a hater): Some parents are pills. They just are. It's not you, it's them...
    Hope you are feeling love & encouragement!

  2. Speaking from wxperience you r an creative intelligent smart crafty awesome teacher! No doubt about it!!!!

  3. Sorry about the spelling lol you sid not teach me that lolol

  4. wow...thank you for all the support inner child is happier this morning!!!

  5. I agree, you are an excellent teacher. Thank you for sharing your inner critic ick, nice to know I am not alone with this.


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