Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a tooth fairy art doll!

a few years ago a made a tooth fairy thingy for one of my granddaughters Sophia....she finally used it this past summer....now her sister Violet's birthday is soon and she will be receiving this adorable art doll with a pocket on  her back for those discarded teeth and tooth fairy cash....i love her!  i know Violet will too.....in the mail today!

after being off the internet for a week i have no patience for ANY junk mail that i may have subscribed to....so i have gone through all my emails this morning sifting out blasts from various companies that i may have found interesting at one time, but i am so over them now...ahhhhh....keeping screen time to a minimum!
trying to pull together a mixed media project for the teens on friday night...struggling a bit with it....i cannot wait to make art just for the sake of making art again...this purposeful art sucks...tee hee!
as you might know i have taken a little job of helping someone purge their house...it has been fun and exhausting at the same time...she had a very successful vintage sale on saturday, she treated me to a celebration pedicure yesterday and we are getting back in the saddle today....yipppeee!
then off to the arts and crafts store in preparation for my upcoming art doll class that i am teaching on sunday...now that sounds fun!!!
have a great tuesday....it is almost the weekend already!!!

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