Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Celebration Piece!

I have spent the past couple of days making art that I THINK I should be making....for my class with the teens...something that i think they would like to make, something that i think they would like....oh my goodness...that has been painful....nothing quite like controlled art!  it sucks!  so last night i decided to make something that i like!  ahhhhhh....what a relief that was!  i had fun, the piece is playful and the time just disappeared...the way time does when i am in the moment...just creating...i woke up this morning excited!
so i am canning the two pieces that i struggled through...a good layer of book text will cover up all that controlled effort...and i will make a couple of new pieces that are more me...more fun!  and i will teach this to my class....the lesson learned?  i STILL cannot control my creativity....i just need to play!  and BEE ME!
thank you Lynn Whipple for helping me get back into my playful self....something to celebrate for certain!!!

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