Sunday, November 18, 2012

Art Doll Class Today....WOW!

so there were 6 of us gathered around my dining room table playing, learning and experimenting with some new techniques...yes making dolls!  it was a blast!  the morning was spent figuring out the shapes, where the eyes, nose and mouth would be the most fun...hat?  no hat?  mustache?  no mustache? what color eyes, what color or little girl?  well get the picture....then to pick out some material that went along with all those decisions...hmmmm....time to take a lunch break out in the gardens....ahhhh...thank you sunshine!
okay...back to it...hopping on the sewing machines the art dolls were taking on a life of their own...each one bursting with personality and character almost too big for the table!  what a fun time....each art student was able to complete 2 amazing dolls...another WOW!  although we all started out with the same instruction...used the same supplies...and sat around the same table....not one person's doll looked like any that is creation in its finest form!  
so at 3 o'clock they packed up and took their newest family members home with them....i will sweep the floor tomorrow...i want to remember the fun that was had my dining room....
thank you ladies for inspiring me!!!

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