Saturday, November 17, 2012

last class with the teens last!

our last class together was last night and it was you know i have been inspired by lynn whipple and i have created some fun bee pieces....i started this theme with the kids and i was the only one that created a bee-like girl....we had a dragon, octopus, frog, wasp, and an aquatic critter from the was fantastic!!!  my bee paled in comparison and i really happy about that!  we have had a great six weeks together and i learned alot more about my self and my insecurities than i wanted to...tee hee!
so off to meet the girls for coffee and Artist's Way, then off to a fun 'Flea Market in Paris' with a friend and then home to dog sit...
art doll class is tomorrow and i cannot wait..i have 3 sewing machines that are up for the challenge!  yahoo!!!
i have started to make some 'Frankenstein' fingerless gloves....i will keep you posted on those..
here are some photos from last night's terrific teen's class!

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