Sunday, November 25, 2012

ipad anyone?

i have had an ipad in my possession for over 24 hours now and i am getting the hang of some of charms...actually i am quite hooked....i am laying next to a sleeping, darling husband, a snoring puppy and a purring about that for the good life?!
i took the morning off today to join a friend for coffee and good conversation after finding out that JoAnn's does not open til 10...really?  a sunday morning during the holiday season?  anyway.....after taking the morning off i sped right home to dive into the 'purple and turquoise' series of FRANkENgloves....mwahhhh for sure....loving these colors!  some people have specifically asked for here they are....
i got a few pair made and priced...walked the dog with another juicy friend and now snuggle down time with an ipad and my Artist's Way book (and highlighter)...
i hope to get into the 'green' series of gloves tomorrow.....
i will try to download...or is that upload...the photos of todays goodies....i will conquer this little-rightsized computer

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