Saturday, November 24, 2012

purple leopard FRANKENgloves? mwahhhhhh!

i have had another delicious day today....started out by routine blood work visit to the local draw center...home quickly for my morning coffee since i had to fast...then a sunny but brisk walk with the dog...and for the best cup of coffee in town and a yummy toasted maple pecan scone at the Rellik here in benicia....oh...the reason i was at the Rellik treating myself like a queen?  saturdays are Artist Way gatherings with 4 other amazing female artists on the path of 'artist recovery'....i am learning so much about myself...
and then home with lots of caffein in my time to make my new passion happen...FRANkENgloves....yipppeee....i sold more than i made today and you will not hear this girl complaining about that!
so now it is getting late and want to sew more pieces together but darling, handsome husband is asleep and i need to here is what is waiting to turn into fingerless gloves tomorrow....and yes...kitty Blanca is a huge help! photo today....i am using my son's ipad and i do not know how to get the photo over here....will try tomorrow!

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