Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Take Two

If you have ever taken an art class, or learned how to do a new technique on your own, then you will understand my 'Take Two' theory.  My theory is...the first time around I am just getting comfortable (or uncomfortable) with some new technique...i am doing what i am instructed or inspired to do...focus, focus, focus....the second time i do it (Take Two) is when i can get more playful and enjoy the process...making the pieces of the piece 'more me'...the second piece is always looser, more playful for me and i love the learning journey!  so here is 'Take Two' of the bee piece!  a bit more color, a bit more fun paper, a bit more me!  now i can take what i have learned and pass it on to my students...hoping that they too will have a 'Take Two' to enjoy!
i did have an aha! moment with my art this week....i can not go back...i can not recreate pieces that i made a couple of years ago...they just look all wrong to me today...i can look back at the finished art and be amazed that i did it...but i cannot recreate it...hmmmm...i guess that is what makes those pieces so precious!  i know when i fall in love with an artist's work and they evolve and change...i miss their former work and wish they would go back and make some of those 'styled' pieces....i get it cannot go back!  wow...what an incredible revelation!

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