Sunday, December 9, 2012

a freezing day in berkeley!!!

arg....some days are better than others!  i had a fantastic art opening here in benicia on friday night....sold some art and i was asked to bring some FRANKENgloves....they, ofcourse sold like hotcakes!  then...saturday....i dressed in about one hundred layers and darling hubby and i drove to berkeley in the freezing fog.....we chose what we thought was a great spot...hmmmm....well....we got some fun hot chai and street food for lunch!  the sales for us were in the toilet so we dragged ourselves back home to see our very lonely puppy and messy house...i have not attended to the house for the past couple weeks with all the 'creations' going on....exhausted today but trying to keep a positive attitude!  we have a spot reserved in berkeley in two weeks...just not so sure i want to put myself through that again!  the sales might have been down for a couple of reasons....this is a three week event, maybe people did not know about it and by the 3rd week the sales might be better....we did have a lousy spot...better choice next time for sure....or do i just can the whole adventure?  i have plenty of inventory!  rob and i have decided to have a 'holiday bazaar' here at the house on December 16th...even if it is not a good sales will be better than sitting outside freezing in berkeley...right?
tired and faced with a messy house to play with some girlfriends....that will help my attitude for sure!
have a great sunday!  and drink hot chocolate all that is a good idea!!!


  1. Ah~~you have got to be tired! I wish the house fairy would come to your place and make it sparkle. But time with dear friends will a wonderful tonic~

    1. i got so much done today and it was because i did have a wonderful tonic! girlfriends to play with...yummmy! thanks for sending energy my way my darling chris!


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