Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ahhhhh....the underpants!

i start most of my mixed media artwork with a layer of old book pages, text....i call it the 'underpants'.  it is an important part of the art piece but the viewer of the piece might just get a glimpse of the 'underpants'
those students that have been with me for years, very frequently moan and groan when it is time to build the underpants....."aw....more underpants?!", they sigh....and then yes, the put their underpants on.
i have been working on this 1950's, gorgeous, rebuilt portable stereo for a couple of about some 'underpants'!  how about an entire book of 'underpants'!
i will be building a bit of a collage is a commission job and the owner has chosen an image for the back and i was able to preserve the 'Philco' label.  i took a picture of it, printed it on a sheet of transparency and had a printer fuse them together...i will show you the progress as i go...
my point this morning (as i lay in bed with a mighty case of 'shingles')...i don't ever want to hear my students complain about putting on their 'underpants'....they are so worth the time!!!


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