Friday, March 24, 2017

Surprise for Handsome Hubby!

a couple of years ago we downsized our home and tightened the belt so that we could travel more...well...i planned a surprise getaway this weekend for Rob and I.  I arranged doggie care, made the train and bus reservations, found a 'B and B' in South Lake Tahoe...told Rob what to pack but not why...
this morning we took Uber to the train station and I presented him with the itinerary for our weekend. we rode the train....rode the bus through some incredible snow storms, walked to this quaint Bed and Breakfast and now we are snuggled down in the amazing 7 Seas Inn with a cup of hot cider, enjoying the huge snowflakes that are drifting down outside.
I got word today, that a loved one is nearing the closing of his life chapter here on this earth...a man that has had a huge impact on my life....this piece was waiting to 'become' is titled "One Single Poppy"...
Have a peaceful weekend....and hug those you love....


  1. Rob is one lucky puppy!... have fun, fun, fun 'till daddy takes the t-bird away!

  2. Love your free spirit and loving heart!
    Prayers for your loved one. ♡

    1. thank you sweet make my life better!!!


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