Wednesday, March 8, 2017

me and paper clay....a dangerous combo!

if i had a job outside the home....the job would come first.  dishes, laundry, shopping, errands, housecleaning chores and meal preparation would come second.  being a full time-work at home artist?  yeah...good luck with that....everything else seems to scream for attention before i can steal away into my magical haven of creation!
yesterday was one of those many errands...costco, post office, dog to vet for shots, dust, sweep, banking....oh...the list just goes on and on!
i have committed to my 'artist' to spend atleast 2 hours a day in my creative, juicy usually evolves and i get to stay there longer...thank goodness!
so yesterday i did the 'domestic' chores and then quietly escaped into my 'private space'
hours later a fun 'Painter' paper clay doll was born!  he has an old dried up paint tube for a body, he is holding a paint brush and he is wearing scuffed up Birkenstocks....perfect!
he is my 3rd paper clay doll and i am loving that medium!  i will find a good way to display him....
have a fun and creative day!!!!!!!

i am having trouble with the painting one i am going to try colored pencils...


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    1. aren't they fun? i am going to be giving a paperclay doll class in April!!! wanna??


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