Monday, March 6, 2017

from 'Mess' to Magic'...''Piece on Earth"

i cannot even begin to tell you how much fun i am having in my studio right now....dragging out fabric, gesso, watercolor paints, ephemera, stamps, foil, stabillo, get the idea!
i am creating fun papers and backgrounds...then cutting, gluing and sewing everything back  together again...
this is my tweaked version of a class i took a few years back from Jane Defazio...
i start off with quite an assortment of paper choices....i created these by lots (and lots) of fun!

then i cut them up and sewed them onto the background that i created first....this is the finished piece....'Piece on Earth'?  i think that is a perfect name!

i am so grateful for the playtime i have had in my studio today!!!


  1. I DO want this class♡♡♡
    Let's figure out a date...then when I go on to teach mY tweaked version of it, I will reference YöU!!! ;-)


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