Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Yep...definitely having tooooooo much fun!

I am preparing for my next mixed media classes, 'Letting Go'...and i have the first 5 weeks planned out....if you know me...then you can realize what a miracle that is!  but....i have had so much fun with this series!
I took a class a few years back from Jane LaFazio at Art is You in Petaluma...i didn't quite capture what she was teaching at the time.  Then i ran across an article in a Somerset Magazine from a few years ago,  complete with instructions....she does what she calls 'Recycled Circles'...they are gorgeous...visit her blog to see the fun she creates!  (her work is a bit more refined than mine...)
so....i decided to try and it again, and tweak it 'LM' style....and voila!  I have used her technique for the fabric and paper is delicious....and then took off with watercolor collage papers.....
once i try something....i cannot wait to pass it along to other artists....this has gotten me into trouble more than once.....but it is so much fun to create...and i want to share it with others so badly!  being part of others creative process is beyond amazing!
so a big shout out to ALL the artists in the world that have inspired me and the God given gift of sharing with others!  thank you ALL!
watercolors, fabric, paper, stamps, foil, and  even some sewing thrown in the mix!
then i rip up the watercolor collage pieces and put them back together in a different order and frame them....the one that is not posted has been dipped in beeswax and is waiting to be framed!
here are some images of what is going into this limitless series!

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