Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Inspiration or Thievery?? Can a Gift be Stolen?

I have recently gotten myself into trouble....again....being called a thief and a fraud....ouch! these are feelings that an artist...i battle daily!
is being inspired by another artist and then trying their techniques really stealing?  is it inspiration or is it thievery?  (there is a great best selling book titled 'Steal Like an Artist)
if i take a class and then tweak it in my own way and then teach it to i a fraud?  will the 'fraud police' show up at my door and take my 'art' away?
how long do i give credit to the artist i learned from?  do i sign their name to the pieces i make? even if the technique is done by many artists, do i still give credit to the one that passed it on to me??
i teach classes too....and i would only hope that my students pass on what they learn from me.  i feel a responsibility, as a working artist to pass these creative ideas, gifts, along.  i am not so great that i can keep these ideas to myself.  'ART' is a way of expressing, processing, problem solving...we need others inspiration to grow...emotionally and spiritually...
yes, these amazing artists are in my class to learn from me...but really...they could learn these techniques on youtube....there are videos on everything nowadays!  we gather together in classes for inspiration, techniques, new ideas, support and laugh, dance, cry, and yes...create!
i am so grateful to the artists that have come before me and have been willing to share with me, their techniques and their ideas (which i think they have 'stolen' from other artists).
it takes courage to put yourself out there for the 'judgement' of others, so thank you with all my heart for having the courage to step on some toes along the way.
we are each given so many gifts....thank you for sharing your gifts with me!


  1. Keep doing what you're doing lorrimarie! I am inspired by you and encourage my students to take from as many teachers as they can find and pass on what they know, what they learn to others. We are a sum total of all we've learned and lived and loved. We are clamoring for more of what you give. The voices are louder and full of love for what you do. Don't listen to the others. Don't stop doing what you do♡

    1. back at you my sweet, artist friend. may we always be humble enough to remain students in life....we are but the vessels that carry the messages! we need to support one another...not criticize each other...this is a precarious path we travel...and we do not have to do it alone! big heartfelt thanks!

  2. My sentiments exactly Casey. Does that mean I have stolen her sentiments? Sad that some people need to throw stones. But it's usually always about the other person and now about you. Continue to be your beautiful, inspiring, funny, daring artist self!!

  3. What's important to me is that you bring a spirit of joyful playfulness to what you do & share with others. It's something I'm trying to reclaim-the joy I felt in Houston when art first became my passion. Never let it go my dears like I did for that worry, just enjoy and love one another the best we can... The poet, Marianne Moore, stole lines from newspapers & other places & revised her own poems often. Let the critics worry about it while we have fun creating:-)

  4. i did not post this to defend myself, or to make others look 'less than' is my truth...i love art, i love creating, i love teaching, i love sharing...i certainly never meant anyone any harm....


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