Sunday, April 9, 2017

what a week....I do love a challenge!

I was hired, a week ago, to clear out a house and get it ready for the market.  The Dad had past away a bit ago and the Mom was just placed in 'assisted living'.  The family took what they wanted and I was hired to make sure most of the precious belongings found 'happy forever homes' wherever possible.  I took about 45 boxes to the local library, yarn and fabric to the Sr. Center, posted things online and hired someone to haul away the items that were not so precious.  Tomorrow the American Vets are coming to pick up approx. 60 bags and boxes of goodies....phew!  what a job!  I had a lot of fun honoring this family's wishes and watching some smiling faces repurpose.  
I kind of abandoned my studio for a week....but yesterday i got to play real hard with some amazing women at my 'Solarity Collage' wokshop....all day!  it was so great!
And then today...finally....i got a video posted on YouTube...a bit tired but loving life!

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