Sunday, May 21, 2017

not to be discouraged!

I bought a pair of Keen shoes a few years back at a local thrift store....they appeared to be like wear marks at all!  but...they were an ugly beige nubuck leather...oh no....that is not going to work for this off to the shoe doctor with the intention of having them change the color....'we don't change the color on nubuck leather'...hmmmm....not to discouraged, i say some leather spray paint in red...'aha', i said...'will you just spray paint for me?" (batting eyes frantically)...'nope, not nubuck won't work', was the response of a professional......hmmmm....not to be discouraged, i bought the leather paint and skipped home to spray my beige Mary Jane's.
Voila...perfect...(take that Mr. Cobbler)
now...years later, those adorable red, Mary Jane's have seen better to be discouraged....i bought some new, bright red paint and gave them a go this past weekend.  they are perfect in my book....
There is no place like home....right Dorothy?  especially in comfy, red, Mary Jane's!

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