Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dogs and Art....what could be better!

We took care of a little 'less than three pound' chihuahua last weekend....she was dumped at the local humane society...sooo tiny....sooo skinny!  our friend, and neighbor has taken her in but was having company for the weekend so we got to hold her and play with her.
by monday it was clear that she had a little something, something going to the Vet...UTI...arg!  antibiotic shot and pills....and then i took her back to her foster mother.
This weekend her foster family went camping.  yep, Chloe is hanging out with us!
Better be careful....i am getting attached!  she does have a forever home waiting for her.  she just needs to be spayed and healed first.
Today i cut a sock to create a little sweater for her.  so cute!
She is in my recent yes....dogs and art...a winning combination!
here is the first part of the 'Mixed Media Extravaganza'...second part i hope to get up and running tomorrow...after walking the dogs, of course!
Go Create, Go Have Fun, Go Play!  i know i am going to!!!!

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