Monday, July 24, 2017

Saying good bye to loved ones....

my baby sister lives in niece lives in china....a treasured friend lives in france and i have said good bye to all of them this heart is full of joy and sadness at the same time!  so grateful to have spent valuable time with them...and broken hearted to let them go...they are truly the wind under my wings.
i had the good fortune of being able to 'puppy sit' for the weekend and this little 'under 3#' puppy helped take my mind off any sadness that wanted to creep in.  i had to say good bye to her today too.
i made a video yesterday and little miss chloe let me know when she was unhappy.....
check out the video....she is adorable...and playing with art always brightens my mood!
thank you Jennifer, Victoria, Anna and Chloe for making my life better....
certainly do love you powerful women!
as always,
and sincerely,

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