Sunday, August 6, 2017

August 6....way easier than yesterday!

Aha!  so the trick is to open a cupboard.....or perhaps open a drawer...there are all kinds of dusty goodies in the back!
how about that adorable red tea kettle?  nope...have not used that since i got the electric  one that i love...and that vintage waffle iron?  i make waffles?  i don't think so!!  and those cute salad tongs...nope....NEVER used
1 red tea kettle
1 waffle iron
1 purse-it slips open
1 bag of who-knows-what
1 knife sharpener
1 recipe book-still wrapped
I do have to say that once i start, it is hard to stop...but stop i must, or i won't have 7 items for tomorrow!
Purge on girlfriends!

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