Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 5-5 items....this is getting a bit tough!

Handsome Hubby and I have a 'minimalistic' life style to begin with.  We tend to 'not hang onto things'  in our home.  I really thought this purging was going to be easier than it is, but i am still moving forward!  it was brought to my attention that the total items in this process is 496 items...wowza....and i am only on day 5!  this process is making me look deeper into drawers and closets....a good challenge!
day 5
1 weird basket
1 dress never worn (not me)
1 pr. shoes, not shown
1 massager (good idea just never happened)
1 pillow form (nope, do not need another pillow)
Please post your progress....i am needing the inspiration!


  1. Bravo! I purged 4 books yesterday. I have probably purged at least 100 books in the last year and still have a lot. They will be my target for now. Sounds easy but books are my weakness. I purged a lot of clothes a few months ago so when the books are done I'll be digging deep too. Does purging total junk from your computer count? That would be too easy but man I need to do it.

    1. sounds like we need a computer purging challenge!!! you go girl!

  2. Today it was about magazines that were stacked for years in spaces long after I had clipped or photographed (now that its so easy to do it on the phone into an album) to release for schools and art classes to use for cutting out and collages. Hooray for a quiet space on my little table.


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