Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8th....8 items and art?

oh my goodness life is so much fun!
yesterday was amazing!  Rob and i went on another adventure....we went to a shooting range!  what?  it was so much fun and i did better than expected, by far!
then off to michael's for a big jug of elmer's glue....i am trying to get the cost of the 'paint pouring' technique to a reasonable hummmmm....
right before bedtime i just HAD to try out the white glue....and Voila!!!!  i love it!
and now....being as it is the 8th day....8 items must exit the casa!
1 frustrating crossword puzzle book
2 bikinis....(what?)
2 boxes of cards 
1 belt
1 empty box....duh
1 pile of who knows what....old art maybe?

if you are involved in this challenge....please post your progress.....thanks for playing!
go enjoy life....it is AMAZING!

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