Saturday, August 12, 2017

All that and a Red Ribbon too!

Oh my goodness...could today get any better?  i think not!
Handsome Hubby's parents have been here for a couple days and we have been playing that card game!
AND....I got to do a demonstration at the Concord Library today too!   There were probably about 30 guests at the demonstration...AND...we got to have a play date....i know, fun, right?  we created traveling collages together!
AND...i took a piece of 'stencil art' for there gallery show and 'Passionate Man' took 2nd place!

what did i learn today?  that some people are more sensitive to the smell of Citra Solv than much to tell about this experience....
let's say there were 35 eager artists in the room at the Concord Library....
I want so desperately to show them sooooo much stuff....hmmmm....let's start off with the technique for making yummy background papers with National Geographic Magazines and Citra Solv....
Oh NO!  2-3 eager artists were sensitive to the smell and had to leave....dammit!  i am so sorry!!!
the good news?  i did not fall apart....and 32 eager artists had a great time....
what did i learn?  to take the Citra Solv outside and let the 35 eager artists watch me through the window..... is so much fun...if we stay open minded, honest and trust the process of learning...right?
i hope you get to play this weekend!

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