Friday, August 4, 2017

Can't Sleep....might as well purge!

August 4th...4 Jigsaw Puzzles have left the building!
I actually cheated and delivered 4 jigsaw puzzles to new homes yesterday....yay!
It is so much fun to get rid of things that have needed to move on....they have been sitting around, not getting any attention, and now they can be enjoyed by someone else.  Some things are not really worth passing on to friends, yet other things have found happy homes.  this is fantastic!
one problem i have run into is....'will i hurt someone's feelings if they see what they have given me' the purge pile?  hmmmmmm....i hope not!
anyone that knows me, knows that i am a minimalist in my 'style'...i do not 'own' much (except in my studio)...i do not hang on to much....i share freely with others...and i live simply.
I am going to continue to 'purge' day at a time
I hope this has inspired others to get rid of the 'material clutter'...take a deep breath and know that you have more than enough!
have a great 4th day of 'purging'!

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