Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wake up and smell the roses

ah....what a wonderful goal i have set for myself today. i know that sometimes i go through my day half asleep...not really sleeping but unaware of the wonderful things that have been placed in front of me for my delight...i miss them when i am thinking about 'what might happen', or the 'what ifs' of my life. what i know to be true is that, all is well in my life today...things are just as they should be...and it is my job to be present and enjoy them. once again i return to my gratitude list...grateful for my healthy family, a job that nourishes my soul, and my fantastic studio space. i will concentrate on keeping my eyes open today and enjoy myself!!

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  1. Your blog is such a joy to read and look at. I love your quick inspirational messages each day,something I should be following as well.

    And your art work is fabulous. I really like your characters and each piece is so fascinating to look at. It really inspires me. I wish I was close by to stop at your yArt sale!


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