Thursday, July 30, 2009

For Best Results Think Outside the Box

i had to take a longer walk this morning to meditate on this piece...what is the message, really? i am happiest when i am not over thinking or over planning. it as if the house represents the restraints that i place on myself when i think too much. what if i do it wrong? what will other people think of me? i have never seen it done this way, can it really be done?...that is what can go on in my the box. when i am outside the box, there is no wrong, all ideas are good and doable...that is when my spirit is the happiest. not to be different, but to be true to myself...ahhh...what a great idea!!!


  1. Hi, Thanks for visiting me..
    I just read something...that applies to what your post is about..
    "Be Yourself, everyone else is taken"
    ...isnt that great!....xx

  2. I love this piece. You are stuck inside and when you are free and outside you blossom. Very wonderful! It is nice to hear I am not the only one who self-doubts. It is hard not too, but our art is our art no matter what anyone else thinks about it. Thank you for sharing sweetie! Love, Jamie


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