Friday, July 31, 2009

Queen of Things

today is a big day...i am getting ready for our 'yArt' sale. i have purged the house of old artwork and the dining room is full of art pieces that need to be priced to sell. things that were in galleries for hundreds of dollars are priced in the tens of dollars. i love my artwork, and i am tired of it hanging around here. so today i am the 'Queen of Things', and it is time to move the energy out of my house into some one elses. the creative energy does not stop just because the house is full, right? so this Queen is cleaning house!


  1. hello "queen of things"! what a great idea having a yArt sale....good luck! lots of lucky people are going to have a chance at your fabulous artwork (wish i could be there!)! :)

  2. I love your "queen of things" title - so glamorous! A "yArt Sale" - what a creative idea! Wow - I wish I lived close... Good luck with it! :) Silke

  3. Love your "Queen stuff!" Wish I could attend your Yart sale, that is if you're have it...think it's a great idea!!!


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