Saturday, March 27, 2010

packed up and ready to go!

today is a big day for the mini monster key fobs and me. we are all packed up in the car. could not resist taking a picture of the monsters in their suitcase before putting them in the car though. there are over 100 of them and i would love to come home with zero. lofty hopes? maybe. anyway...hoping for lots of good weather today in martinez. it is a cute little town by the water. i will let you know how it went. i have many supporters that said they would stop by...thank goodness for friends!


  1. I've always thought these were so sweet but all together in the suitcase is just too precious! good luck!!!

  2. Hope you have a great time and hope all of your cuties find good homes and keys!!


  3. that's a great photo of all of those sweet little monsters all ready for their big trip! i hope that those little cuties find great homes to go to! :)))


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