Monday, October 15, 2012

a little down time yesterday to stuff the!

i got to have a bit of movie time last night with darling husband and we completed 7 art dolls...yipppeee!  we watched a fun movie "Paul" and the dolls took on great form....i can notice how these faces are is funny that the first  faces are so amazing, yet, i change this, or change that as i create more...i love the simplicity of the first ones and would like to revisit that simplicity...but it is gone...refining the faces as i go...the primitive style of the first faces is gone...i really love the process and change...sounds crazy i know...
                                                               Cyris and Montie
                                                             Magic and Fawna
                                                           Spencer and Milo
soooo....if you are interested in ordering a doll for holiday gifts...let me know...these are all $30 plus shipping and handling...they are all delcious and would look fantastic peeking out of a stocking...right?
off to walk the dog, help a friend purge her belongings, meet a girlfriend for tea, do a haircut, meet another friend for tea and THEN play time in my studio!  another delicious day!!!

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