Tuesday, October 16, 2012

mini heart series....

when i come home from teaching on thursday nights i immediately start thinking about what fun project is next....this little 3D heart project has been born.  the colorful one is the one i will teach...the darker one is really the one that i love tho.  it is so interesting how the 'first' ones that  i make are truly just trial and error...the 'seconds' are the fun and playful ones for me....they leave me with 'wanting to create more' since i learn so very much on the first 2.  "try this, try that..."  i just love the process...my hopes are, of course that my students will enjoy the learning so much that they too will want to explore the second piece and enjoy the opportunity to make the piece 'more themselves'....being a teacher/student can be a very scary and exciting experience...i am so grateful that i have the class to play with...it truly keeps me on my creative toes!
have a marvelous tuesday and take the time to make 2 of whatever it is that you are playing with!

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  1. Soooo Charming! I love them~~I must admit that I am most attracted to the bright heart, as I'm a little afraid of the dark heart. Afraid....of what? Hmmmmm....maybe afraid to feel seriousness. Afraid to ponder dark sides? Wonderful art to make me think!


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