Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wish them luck!!!

i finally got 5 dolls finished, tagged, named and packaged up with return postage... ready for their journey to 'Stuffed Magazine'.  I am so grateful to Karen O'Brien for teaching me these doll face techniques.  yes, they have evolved and have taken on a LorriMarie flavor but i would not have started on this path without her instruction at Art is You in Petaluma...thank you Karen!
so wish my little art doll children good luck on their travels, and send some good mojo for them to actually get published in a future edition of 'Stuffed' amazing will that be?
no dream is too big...right?
and yes....i will be teaching a 'Making Faces' workshop on sunday november 18th so you can learn how to make some amazing holiday gifts for loved ones of all ages!!!
have a great humpday...remember to put 'PLAY' on your to-do list!  it is more important than laundry by far!!!


  1. good luck on your will be as amazing as you are.


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