Friday, March 3, 2017

'it just takes one sentence'

artists are amazing, aren't they?
i stepped on some toes and i was embraced with nothing but compassion and understanding! (well almost...) i learned some lessons (never fun or pretty) but i have come out the other side with a light heart and admiration for other courageous artists that, too, speak their truth. 
i am (for the fourth time) working 'the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron' amazing journey.
i am reminded that, as artists, we are tender hearted, we secretly tell ourselves 'i am a fraud'...'i have no new, good ideas'...'my art is not as good as ...' and yet we continue to 'make'...we can't help ourselves....we HAVE to 'make'.
and don't we love a 'tribe' be surrounded by like minded, goofy people...that don't feel like they 'fit in' island of 'misfit toys'....ahhhhhhh...a safe place to share myself.
the lesson i learned?  if an artist has shared an idea with me....i will make sure and mention their name with another artist told me so eloquently, 'it just takes one sentence'.
so....thank you Manon and Jane and all those that have inspired this watercolor and fabric collage....
with peace in my heart and gratitude in my spirit....i will continue to share my 'everythings' and to know that there is enough out there to 'make' for all of us!

keep creating!!!


  1. learning and growing, wonderful post , grateful always!! wonderful you LM

    1. you are the 'angel in my life' darling!

  2. Beautiful words, amazing artwork! Wow! I want to learn to create that!!!

    1. we are going to make this....starting next week!!!


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