Thursday, April 27, 2017

Altered Book Class...It's time to Play! is a video going through the beginnings of the next class...Altered Book!  The class in Benicia, Ca. and there is a Wednesday class (11-1:30) and a Thursday class (6:30-9)  the class runs for 6 weeks and the cost is $110...what a deal!  we will be playing with several different collage techniques using images, scraps, watercolor paints and acrylics....and who knows what else will be incorporated in these delicious books....right?
I can host 12 students in each class and i require a non-refundable $20 deposit....let me know if you are interested....registration is now open.
as you know...i have a blast in these classes!  i suggest that you leave your perfection at the is a safe place to dance, laugh, create and share...
hope you can join us!!!  looks like the video might not play....check it out on my facebook page....

Sunday, April 16, 2017

meet 'The Flirt'

a great weekend is coming to a close.  i got to see a friend and her sons that i have not seen in years, visit with other artists during an opening at Gallerie Renee Marie, spend time with Handsome Hubby, have coffee with some amazing women, create and post another video on Youtube AND make an art doll...
yep...i love my life!
i am more than enough today!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Walk in the Park...

28 years ago today was my last drink....i did lots of damage to myself and my family members when i was out there drinking...but for last 28 years, one day at a time, i have been there for my loved ones.  i am beyond grateful...
so today...Life is A Walk in the Park...not always easy ...but i am doing life...with grace!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Solarity Collage Part III

video yesterday...the third part of the 'Solarity Collage'...i love this project...the thing is...when i love something this much...i ride the wave....pass it along and then i am done...done...probably will never make another is true...sad but true.  just a phase...i guess that is why i am so compelled to share these ideas when they are exciting to me.  i have been sharing these 'Solarity' ideas with my students for the past 6 weeks...the project morphs a bit with each 'artists' perception...i love that..i learn more from my students that they learn from me.  i just offer suggestions and a safe place for them to play and experiment.
so...enjoy this video...i certainly have a blast making these!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Solarity Collage Part II

a fun jammie day yesterday and creating a youtube video....ahhhhhh....what a great day off!  i had promised to get this video up and running before the end of the week...phew...just made it!  thanks everyone for the support as i am becoming a full time artist!
watch the video....subscribe....comment...namaste...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

what a week....I do love a challenge!

I was hired, a week ago, to clear out a house and get it ready for the market.  The Dad had past away a bit ago and the Mom was just placed in 'assisted living'.  The family took what they wanted and I was hired to make sure most of the precious belongings found 'happy forever homes' wherever possible.  I took about 45 boxes to the local library, yarn and fabric to the Sr. Center, posted things online and hired someone to haul away the items that were not so precious.  Tomorrow the American Vets are coming to pick up approx. 60 bags and boxes of goodies....phew!  what a job!  I had a lot of fun honoring this family's wishes and watching some smiling faces repurpose.  
I kind of abandoned my studio for a week....but yesterday i got to play real hard with some amazing women at my 'Solarity Collage' wokshop....all day!  it was so great!
And then today...finally....i got a video posted on YouTube...a bit tired but loving life!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Before and After....the Power Went out!

The excitement never ends....last night in our mixed media class...the wind was howling...the rain went from a romantic drizzle to a frightening downpour!  Oh no....then the lights are safe!  we can still play...then the lights safe to play...then...the lights was it!  we were left holding our brushes, a foot on the sewing machine pedal, delicately placing our the dark!
We tried to wait it out, but there was no light in sight...slowly everyone packed up in the glow of their phone flashlights....and they were gone!  i was left with messy saran wrap, gesso brushes, and ephemera bits.... remnants of the fun we were having!
I will go to the studio tomorrow to pick up the pieces.
Never a dull moment in the world of mixed media...and 'Letting Go'...right?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Something Special About Leftovers....right?

There is something special about going into the frigde and creating a  dinner out of I right?  last nights' burgers become a taco salad, wilting broccoli turns into amazing, comforting cheddar, broccoli and bacon soup, bits of salmon become a spinach salad with dried cranberries and blue cheese dressing...oh...the list goes on and on.  Leftovers are really more exciting than the original meal because love and creativity have been stirred in.
The same process happens for me when i look around my many jewels on the floor, the bottom of a drawer, right on my desk....ahhhhh....yummy leftovers!
After creating the 'Solarity Collage', i had bits and pieces of juicy, delicious watercolor pages....let the challenge begin!  Using a paper cutter, I cut those pages into yummy bitesize morsels and got it....'Left Overs'...the mixture of the different colors on a repurposed 11" x 14" canvas that i painted black....wowza!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Layer Technique and Paper Clay!

the little video camera that i got stopped charging....i got a new one and i am back in business!
this is a fun paper clay 'Lady Bird' that i stuck on a body.  i used a fun layering technique in this video that i use quite a bit in my mixed media collages.
i hope you have fun watching the video....please subscribe to my channel...just hit the red button that says subscribe...thank you so much for supporting this artist!!!

Look at these faces!

We are in our 4th week of this 'Letting Go' mixed media art class and some amazing things are happening!  we have spend the first 3 weeks building the background, creating watercolor art paper and cutting things up....but now we are starting to assemble the collages....wowza!  amazing what is happening before my very eyes!  as usual, the teacher remains the student!  i am constantly learning from these talented, courageous women!  i just give a bit of guidance and they take off flying in their own direction....i love this process!
these are some photos of the daytime will see some happy, proud faces.....and i am their biggest cheerleader!
thank you girls for keeping me on my toes!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

'The Traveler'

My daily commitment to my art and my art studio...minimum 2 hours a day...but as we all know...a. other things take priority (dishes, laundry, meal preparation...even the kids!) and...b. 2 hours will turn into 10 so easily....taking us back to the demands of...a.
I have decided to not work out the side the home....i am NOW a full time artist and that takes discipline...who is the boss of me anyway?  hmmmmm....
so for today....i got to play for my 2+ hours and have enjoyed every minute....i finished this 'The Traveler' and i am now trying to load a video onto YouTube...
yes...the a. did get done...but so did the b. list.
i am one lucky artiste!!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

i love getting away from the everyday routine!

when i am at a full time artist and teacher....i am usually in my studio creating something interesting to play with and then  pass on...that usually means 'hands on' mixed media....but when i get away from my studio, and the dishes, and the laundry, and the dusting, and the meal preparations, and the................i get to play with digital artwork!  the train and bus ride to south lake tahoe were perfect....
we hiked today, the weather was perfect....and yes, even gambled a bit (came out ahead by a smudge) and ate too much...but i did still get some play time!
'The Birth of an Idea'...just some fun learning some new digital art skills....not ooober happy with it so may work onit some more.....

Friday, March 24, 2017

Surprise for Handsome Hubby!

a couple of years ago we downsized our home and tightened the belt so that we could travel more...well...i planned a surprise getaway this weekend for Rob and I.  I arranged doggie care, made the train and bus reservations, found a 'B and B' in South Lake Tahoe...told Rob what to pack but not why...
this morning we took Uber to the train station and I presented him with the itinerary for our weekend. we rode the train....rode the bus through some incredible snow storms, walked to this quaint Bed and Breakfast and now we are snuggled down in the amazing 7 Seas Inn with a cup of hot cider, enjoying the huge snowflakes that are drifting down outside.
I got word today, that a loved one is nearing the closing of his life chapter here on this earth...a man that has had a huge impact on my life....this piece was waiting to 'become' is titled "One Single Poppy"...
Have a peaceful weekend....and hug those you love....

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ahhhhh....the underpants!

i start most of my mixed media artwork with a layer of old book pages, text....i call it the 'underpants'.  it is an important part of the art piece but the viewer of the piece might just get a glimpse of the 'underpants'
those students that have been with me for years, very frequently moan and groan when it is time to build the underpants....."aw....more underpants?!", they sigh....and then yes, the put their underpants on.
i have been working on this 1950's, gorgeous, rebuilt portable stereo for a couple of about some 'underpants'!  how about an entire book of 'underpants'!
i will be building a bit of a collage is a commission job and the owner has chosen an image for the back and i was able to preserve the 'Philco' label.  i took a picture of it, printed it on a sheet of transparency and had a printer fuse them together...i will show you the progress as i go...
my point this morning (as i lay in bed with a mighty case of 'shingles')...i don't ever want to hear my students complain about putting on their 'underpants'....they are so worth the time!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

'Solarity Collage' Class April 8th....come play!!!!

I was going to teach a 'Couples Book Making Workshop'...but...due to some requests, I am teaching my 'Solarity Collage' Class, Saturday, April 8th in Benicia, Ca.  the workshop is have to bring absolutely nothing except a lunch, a playful attitude and a sewing machine!  everything else is provided in a neat little kit!
cost is $90 plus a $15 kit fee.
I have taught this workshop and the results are stunning!
we play with fabric, gesso, watercolors, watercolor paper, foil, ink, washi tape, ephemera and more!
I love to play with seasoned as well as fledgling artists....come and join me!