Wednesday, June 21, 2017

we're having a heat wave...a tropical heat wave! has been hot!
i spent the weekend in Coos Bay, Oregon with my sister-in-law and was lovely there...warm but not too hot.  came home to some smoking temperatures....but....our house stays nice and cool...thank you insulation!
i get kind of squirrelly when i am away from my art for too travel with projects to keep me sane....usually i do not bring enough to play with so the squirrelly-ness comes racing back...quickly....
i commit to 2 hours a day in my always expands into more...thank goodness! made a video on the 'pop up' technique for the altered books i am playing with...and of guild the lily...i prepared the pages with bubbles using gesso and gelatos...i have not added any ephemera to the pages yet but i will...oh you know i will...and then some doodling!  yipppppeeeee!
if you have not seen the current video...grab a glass of lemonade and relax....take it inspired to play!
thanks for the visit!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wanna make an altered book?

I rarely repeat a class....that is...i rarely teach the same thing twice....but...i have had such a great time with this 'altered book' that i find myself wanting to share the six techniques that i used!  Some people will want to repeat the class to get more experience with those techniques....and some people will want to try their hand...and challenge themselves for the first time altering a book.  Your skill set does not matter in this class...we play, share, laugh and scream together while watching these amazing books take on a new life!
That being said....i am offering a 6 week class in Benicia for $110....what a deal!
let me know if you are interested....
here is a video to show you an example of what kind of fun is in store for you!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gearing Up!

so we are coming to the close of another fun filled, 6 week mixed media class...we have been altering an old book....6 new techniques and much, much fun!  this class has been so exciting for me!  i am considering repeating the class, available on Sundays...1-1:30 if the studio space is available at that time....fingers crossed!
we do start another 6 week mixed media class the first week of July.  

                ‘Letting Go’

6 weeks of Mixed Media Classes with LorriMarie Jenkins
Wednesdays 11-1:30 or
Thursdays 6:30-9 Beginning July 5th and 6th 946 Tyler Street Benicia, Ca. (Femmage)
I never know exactly what we are going to play with but it is always fun! we will be learning techniques in; background layering, fundamental collage, using textures and yes...we will be playing with a bit of beeswax this time...
This is an invitation to beginning and seasoned artists....I provide a safe place to play and to embrace those ‘happy accidents’ that present themselves while exploring the world of mixed media! You can even come in your pajamas!! I encourage everyone to leave their perfection at the door...
Class fee...$110 ($20 deposit is required to save your spot) 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Another Video.....Somebody is having fun!

Yep....having fun alright!  i am uploading a video as we speak....Part II of the 'screen window' technique.  i adore making these videos and sharing techniques with others. it is actually what i do best...classes, workshops, pop ups, playdates.... 
i need 10,000 views before sponsors will pick me up....i am far from that number!
i guess at this point i could use some feedback....
here is the link to my channel....
if you copy and paste it into your browser my videos will pop up....
1. are you subscribed to my channel?
2. if not,  why not?
3. have you watched all the videos?
4. are the videos fun to watch?
5 have you tried any of the techniques?
6. will you share these videos with other 'makers'?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Altered Book #3

what can i say?  i am having so much fun creating these videos...the house is being sorely ignored....(and my nails are a mess)...but i can live with that!
i spend the day at Femmage yesterday and thought to myself....'hey...why not make a video while i am here minding the store?' i did...(thank you Dacia for keeping me company)
i have tried to keep the videos 10 minutes in length...clearly i had 20 minutes of fun in this apologies?  
so....if you are making an altered book with me....i would love to see your progress...your them on facebook and tag me...or upload them to this blog that even possible? dunno...
if you hit the little red subscribe button you will get updates on my current video
and here is the link to the 'Altered Book #3'
go create...go play...go have fun!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

i learn something new every day! what did i learn?  i learned how to link up my Blog to my You Tube account!  Thank you Denise!  
i learned that a grilled cheese sandwich is even better when shared with a 3 year old grandson...
and what did i teach today?  well....i published the  second tutorial in the 'Creating an Altered Book' Series.  i am trying to keep the videos to around 10 minutes....i know...for me....after 10 minutes in 'video land'...i start to get itchy and want to go play!
in this video, we are creating the cut out niche in the back of the fun!  
i will not be posting any more videos for a few is going to full of art classes and jig saw puzzles with friends...but i will keep you posted!!!

this is the link to my channel

and this is the link to the newest video

Altered Book Tutorial

here is the link to my you tube channel....thank you Denise for your gentle guidance! have to say that i am having way too much fun creating 'how to' tutorials!  i was sitting, having coffee with friends yesterday morning and a question popped into my mind.  'what is my purpose?'...geez, really?  what a heavy way to start the day!  but the answer came so quickly!
my purpose is to spread the a cliche...gag!  but it is true!  how can i do this...?  that answer  too is an easy one for me...
i teach art...well.....i don't teach art....i offer guidance on how to create art job...if you want to call it to allow people to play...providing a space place for them to laugh, cry, and experiment...guess who gets to experience the joy...?!
i am so blessed to have a spot to invite others into...i provide some instructions...suggestions really...based on my experience, hope and strength...and step back and watch the magic happen!
yesterday i decided to start a series of videos on how to make an altered book...a bit more challenging than i thought...but i have never stepped away from a here is the video...
so fun!
i have used so many different techniques in this book and i will make some videos on some of them...
oh....and i have made $.01 on You it in...ha ha!  the more subscribers and watchers that a person gets, the more money a person makes....hmmmmm....not going to order new shoes yet...ha ha!
to all those that have happened across my videos and watched them....i thank you!  
life is grand...
go out there...have fun...create something!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

not to be discouraged!

I bought a pair of Keen shoes a few years back at a local thrift store....they appeared to be like wear marks at all!  but...they were an ugly beige nubuck leather...oh no....that is not going to work for this off to the shoe doctor with the intention of having them change the color....'we don't change the color on nubuck leather'...hmmmm....not to discouraged, i say some leather spray paint in red...'aha', i said...'will you just spray paint for me?" (batting eyes frantically)...'nope, not nubuck won't work', was the response of a professional......hmmmm....not to be discouraged, i bought the leather paint and skipped home to spray my beige Mary Jane's.
Voila...perfect...(take that Mr. Cobbler)
now...years later, those adorable red, Mary Jane's have seen better to be discouraged....i bought some new, bright red paint and gave them a go this past weekend.  they are perfect in my book....
There is no place like home....right Dorothy?  especially in comfy, red, Mary Jane's!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Nothing but fun!

I have just published another video on You Tube...i have so much fun creating the videos...
anyway....i have been told by my students that i am 'so serious' on the videos....compared to class anyway...well....they are right!  i have been strictly this time i told a quick little story on the video to give everyone else a little taste of my is a start!
the book is complete and might i say....awesome!  i have spent many hours on  the book and have enjoyed every minute...cutting, adding, glueing, painting, and doodling!
i will be creating and posting tutorials on the 'how to's of at least 5 techniques that we are playing with in class.
i am so grateful for my class of playful artists!

Monday, May 15, 2017

An Amazing visit with Cher!

I just want to share an incredible experience with you!
Handsome Hubby gave me tickets to see Cher for Christmas....the day finally came...May 12th!  off to Las Vegas we flew....we checked into the Monte older casino...Cher would be performing in the theatre tonight....ooooooh...excitement building!  we took an Uber to 'Downtown Vegas'...the older part....what a delight!  a tonic water in a biker bar...some de-puffer applied to 'one eye'...i could look 'that good' in 3 months for a mere $300...pishaw...not happening!...wandered around and watched the street entertainment...sometimes seeing more than i wanted the homeless guy in a g-string...ew....put that thing one wants to see that!
back to the Monte Carlo to prepare for the big night.....ooooooh...excitement is now building even more!
we walked through the smokey casino...oh....i forgot to tell you the advice that the Uber driver gave us.."If you want to make money....Go to work!"  ha ha....i love that...we did not gamble at all while in Vegas....yay!
anyway....we walked through the smokey casino to the theatre...people were dressed to the nines i can tell you....sparkles  patched jeans, my cowboy boots and a baggy tunic....adorable as always...tee hee....
we spoke to other people there that were ready to jump out of their skins with too!!!!  the show starts at 8:00...well...Cher is THE diva soooo...the show started at 8:30!
OMG!  there she was....big as life....everything i ever expected and more!  opening song and then she visited with us...telling us a bit of a life experience of hers.....then she proudly announced..."I am 71 years old....I have one question for you.....What is YOUR Grandma doing tonight?!"  Spectacular!  
you must know how this story ends....I LOVE CHER!!!!!  her voice is better than ever, she is authentic and powerful...she is talented and true....i loved every single minute....i was wiggly in my seat....i quietly sang every song with was unbelievable!
i dragged my happy happy self out of the theatre and did not speak for as long as possible...not wanting to let go of what i had just satisfaction!!!
life is grand....go out and have an adventure!!!
thank you Handsome Hubby for making this possible!  you know me.....

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


next week we will begin our 6 week class....altering a book!  i cannot even tell you how much fun i have had with this project.  i have tried every technique that i will be teaching and my book is 'exploding' (literally) with deliciousness!
we will be playing with acrylic, watercolor...pockets, secret windows, carved out niches, pop-ups...collaging and doodling!  wowza!
i am so ready to play with my ladies!
if you are close by...come join us!  the 6 week class is only $110 and we leave all perfection at the door...embracing where each mixed media piece takes us!
this is the 'pop-up' how fun is that!!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Altered Book Part 2

Oh my gosh...i am having way too much fun in my studio lately!  i am claiming it...'I am a full time artist' and life is beyond wonderful!  i find it hard to do the domestic chores in a timely fashion...but i will figure it out!
i have two 6 week mixed media class starting next week...we do the same thing in each class but some find it easier to come in the evening than in the day...soooo
wednesdays 11-1:30
thursdays 6:30-9
all perfection is left at the door and we overindulge in silliness, creativity and fun!
here is a video of what i have done so far!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Altered Book Class...It's time to Play! is a video going through the beginnings of the next class...Altered Book!  The class in Benicia, Ca. and there is a Wednesday class (11-1:30) and a Thursday class (6:30-9)  the class runs for 6 weeks and the cost is $110...what a deal!  we will be playing with several different collage techniques using images, scraps, watercolor paints and acrylics....and who knows what else will be incorporated in these delicious books....right?
I can host 12 students in each class and i require a non-refundable $20 deposit....let me know if you are interested....registration is now open.
as you know...i have a blast in these classes!  i suggest that you leave your perfection at the is a safe place to dance, laugh, create and share...
hope you can join us!!!  looks like the video might not play....check it out on my facebook page....

Sunday, April 16, 2017

meet 'The Flirt'

a great weekend is coming to a close.  i got to see a friend and her sons that i have not seen in years, visit with other artists during an opening at Gallerie Renee Marie, spend time with Handsome Hubby, have coffee with some amazing women, create and post another video on Youtube AND make an art doll...
yep...i love my life!
i am more than enough today!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Walk in the Park...

28 years ago today was my last drink....i did lots of damage to myself and my family members when i was out there drinking...but for last 28 years, one day at a time, i have been there for my loved ones.  i am beyond grateful...
so today...Life is A Walk in the Park...not always easy ...but i am doing life...with grace!